Lab Retreat

Lab retreat done and dusted for 2013

The annual lab retreat to Hyam’s Beach (whitest sand in the world – and possibly the squeakiest too) went off without any significant hitches last weekend. Fantastic weather, and we even had some intrepid cyclists transporting themselves the 30 km from Nowra to Hyam’s, most likely to work up a thirst. Michael has kindly gathered together the weekend’s top quotes (which I have edited for taste):

  1. Masterchef has definitely been missing the pure genius of simply slopping some ice cream on some crumpets.
  2. For some reason there is something about rolling two little pigs like dice that makes me feel unethical.
  3. I can definitely look past the racist undertones of this game.
  4. There is so much fat on this bbq I’ll need to mouth pipette it clean.
  5. No need for a monocle? I don’t think you realise just how wealthy I am.
  6. No need for sunglasses? I don’t think you realise what kind of sheriff I am.
  7. And now for the clue…
  8. Whip it out.
  9. This particular cubic typically ends in the phallic zone.
  10. When it comes to tequila, guide your tongue straight and true.
  11. Eskimo hysteria?
  12. Part of me is still hoping that Alexei will jump out of those bushes the way he used to.
  13. I tentatively accept your offer of love.
  14. Does Hinnerk know how to Frisbee? I’m not sure… but back home they call him Mr Frisbee.
  15. And the scores: Dorothy 96, Michael 57, Callum 52 and Neil… sucks.
  16. It seems Joel has done this bullshiting business before.
  17. Only Callum could have known the truth about the dwarves.
  18. That man is the loose cannon of bangs.
  19. Asleep I presume. She looked at the world this morning and didn’t like what she saw.
  20. I’ll just knock on a few doors, and if I don’t know the people I’ll just tell them something about Jesus.
  21. In hindsight I probably should have spent some of my millions of dollars preventing Herman from winning the game.
  22. At least I lost happily and wealthily.
  23. And just like that he went from hoot to brute.
  24. I had a sleep in: as you do on a Sunday (said upon waking late on Saturday).
  25. If it is time to leave, I’m going to need a wheelbarrow. Or a body bag.

Photos to follow soon…