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Joels NBD…

Nov 4, 2020

…which means New Bike Day in bike geek lingo…

Joel has spent a bit of time (well, quite a bit of time) building up a new all-road touring bike based on a custom Ti frame built by titanproduct in China. Kitted out with an old Ultegra crankset (+38T Wolftooth chainring), 1×11 GRX (taking a risk with an out-of-spec 11-46 cassette that seems to be shifting smoothly) with Enigma C-six fork, GRX hydraulic discs, Chris King headset, SQlab saddle (very comfortable so far), Salsa Cowchipper bars (feel great),  and Hunt wheels set up tubeless with a Son dynamo. And couplers of course…! Rides like a dream (around the block, at least) and – once the open the border to Victoria – there could be a touch of touring to Melbourne planned before it gets too hot… Yee ha!