Protein structure, function and engineering

Current Lab members

Marcus Johnson

BSC Hons student working with Joel, Ron and Emily Remnant – a crossover project where we merge our interest in transcription factors with Ron’s expertise in insecticide development and Emily’s deep knowledge of honeybees!

Prof. Joel Mackay

PI with longstanding interests in gene regulation, structural biology, statistics/data analysis, bike touring, rogaining, trail running – and cats.

Dr Ron Hill

Honorary Associate with a ton of experience (at CSIRO) in insect transcription factor structure and function – hoping to do some fundamental biochemistry and drug discovery.

Dr Mohammadreza Nassiri

Sabbatical visitor from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in Iran – here to learn some protein structure and design in Joel’s lab.

Angela Nikolic

Our lab manager (the person who *really* runs the lab). Watch out if you aren’t wearing your lab coat!

Dr Jason Low

Postdoc in the Mackay lab – frequently consulted as the oracle of cloning, not to mention mass spectrometry… Some would say he runs the joint…

Dr Ingrid MacIndoe

After BSc Hons with Joel, a PhD with Margie and a school teaching sabbatical in Japan, Ingrid is back (and with more diverse hair colours than before) to become the lab CRISPR guru.

Dr Hakimeh Moghaddas Sani

Research assistant working on the design of new insecticides that are safer and more selective. A new chapter in her life in the lab here!

Dr Ngaio Smith

PhD student with Jacqui. Tried to escape but is stuck with us for the time being!

Dr Chandrika Deshpande

Membrane protein crystallography afionado working with Joel on a collaboration with Prof Michael Kassiou to design new modulators of P2X proteins.

Charlotte Franck

Just-finished PhD student working jointly with Richard Payne in Chemistry and Joel. Skillfully walked the line between being a chemist and a biochemist!

Karishma Patel

PhD student with Joel working on the structure and function of bromodomains. Bravely ventured across the Tasman for her PhD, doubling the number of people in the lab who know what jandals are.

Paul Solomon

PhD student with Joel following on from TSP project. Wants to rebuild protein NMR data analysis from the bottom up – and fly planes.

Kim Woollett

PhD student with Joel who has made the jump from membrane proteins to transcription factors (and their PTMs) – very sensible!

Xavier Reid

Previously known as “BSc Hons student working with Joel and Jason” – now promoted to PhD student and being inducted into the arcane world of RaPID screening by Toby!

Rezwan Siddiquee

Intern/Hons student/RA/web designer/Taylor’s other half. Truly a man for all seasons.

Natasha Jones

Research assistant working with Joel on a collaborative project with Alyson Ashe – on transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. Enjoyed her BSc Hons year with Joel and Ana and her undergrad project before that so much we couldn’t keep her away.

Angus Hawken

Undergraduate student with an interest in protein design and engineering – working with Jason on the new and exciting monobody project…

Eve Borbilas

Hons student working in Joel’s lab on transcription factor PTMs – ably supervised by Ingrid and Kim.

Nuren Tasneem

Intrepid MSc student working with Yu Heng Lau in Chemistry on the very cool encapsulin family of proteins and spending some time in Joel’s lab to flex her protein biochemistry muscles.

Thu Vu

Research Assistant with Jacqui – continuing the family tradition of working in the lab here after her partner Cuong completed his PhD with Joel a few years ago.

Jen Suh

BSc Hons student working with Joel and Toby – will be flexing her mRNA display muscles this year trying to isolate bromodomain inhibitors.